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The City of Leander, Texas
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Publish-date-icon September 18, 2012
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Nonetheless with the world moving on to check out far more effective types of energy placing the Saudis fortune in jeopardy and threatening to generating their crude resource of profits obsolete, in retaining with the most primitive instinct for sheer survival the Residence of Saud capitalized on what the superior entire world feared most. The word "terrorism" experienced been bandied about for a long time, in the mass media and politics and blanketed a vast variety of activity, from the college student protests to sensational kidnappings, bombings, and brazen robberies and killings. Consequently there was a readymade scapegoat for covertly funded activity that would undermine the West's economical and cultural superiority.

But this new model of "Terrorism" would have no political motive, instead presented the patina of non secular conviction and with the sole purpose of attacking the basis for the West's continuing fiscal dominance. Right after the truth, other actions would echo the attacks of September 11th but would look to be far much less focused. The Bali bombing that slaughtered vacationing vacationers at a resort lodge had no function that any individual can feel of nor did the bombing of the London Underground apparently carried out by oddly deluded younger guys who could in no way account for their motives or actions. These acts had been merely labeled "Terrorism" no issue their tenuous link to the shadowy firm recognized as Al-Qaeda, of which Osama bin Laden is alleged to be the mastermind and spiritual chief.

No cost citizens of the planet are indeed terrorized by these seemingly random lethal acts but the solution supplied by the sitting down Pretender to the US presidency has been to initiate a wasteful "war" in a region that had been run by a US backed dictator, a country now in complete chaos. Another diversion, and a longstanding one particular as Presidential hopeful bicker above the situation of how numerous far more younger and usually disenfranchised Americans will be sent there to die with no end in sight. For if there ended up an finish, and it has been posited only to be ridiculed and scorned, then the men and women of the planet would have the chance to consider the true trigger and motivation behind the tragic occasions of September 11th, 2001. We had been robbed and the best and brightest of a generation of younger, formidable financial wizards have been murdered just as if they experienced been lined up against a wall and mowed down. But it was significantly worse than that (!).

This was not Kosovo wherever mercenary gangsters and fascistic militia went doorway to door slaughtering and raping up close and personal this was not Rwanda wherever a ruling elite set misguided and demented mobs out to butcher their neighbors and whomever they chose, leaving severed limbs and the damaged and twisted bodies of women and youngsters piled in the streets and floating down infested rivers.

This was nothing at all like that carnage, which experienced the blessings of politicians and invisible moneyed pursuits dwelling well, and untouched, at times in the very best lodges of Europe, America and Asia. This was a one shot, a ambigu shot genuinely, just to make sure, to the economic artery of the US market.


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